Blade: The Series is an American television series created by David S. Goyer and Geoff Jones. It is a followup to the Blade film trilogy, though Wesley Snipes did not reprise his role as the titular character.

Premise Edit

Picking up after the events of Blade: Trinity, the pilot follows Krista Starr as she returns from the military and learns that her twin brother, Zack, has died under mysterious circumstances. Her investigation of his murder leads to a run-in with Blade, and his killer, Marcus Van Sciver. Marcus, a high-ranking member of the House of Chthon, is smitten with Krista, but Blade approaches and injects her with the same serum he uses to control his own vampire instincts, and offers her a chance to avenge her brother's death and bring Marcus and the House of Chthon down. The pair form a reluctant partnership after it was revealed that Zack had been working with Blade on a sting operation. The remainder of the season follows Krysta attempting to maintain her cover in the House of Chthon, all the while struggling with her growing predatory nature.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

Geoff Jones stated that Spike did not want to cancel the show, but felt that it right to do so as Spike TV was still a young network and they could not afford the price it was costing to proceed with production.