Blue Light is a 1966 United States espionage drama television series starring Robert Goulet and Christine Carère about the adventures of an American double agent in Nazi Germany during World War II. It aired from January 12 to May 18, 1966.

A theatrical movie, I Deal in Danger, was created by editing Blue Light's first four episodes together into a continuous story. I Deal in Danger was released in 1966 after Blue Light's cancellation.


Prior to Nazi Germany's conquest of Europe, the United States places 18 sleeper agents – collectively forming an espionage organization called "Code: Blue Light" – inside Germany, assigned to penetrate the German high command during World War II. Journalist David March is one of them. He passes himself off to the Germans as a foreign correspondent who has officially renounced his American citizenship and come to Germany in order to support the Nazi cause. The Germans put him to work as a writer and broadcaster of Nazi propaganda – and occasionally as a spy for Germany.

Why It Was CancelledEdit

  1. The series fell due to competition from CBS' The Beverly Hillbillies.