CSI: Cyber (Crime Scene Investigation: Cyber) is an American police procedural television series created by Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn and Ann Donahue. It is the second spinoff of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the fourth series in the CSI franchise.

Premise Edit

The series follows an elite team of FBI Special Agents tasked with investigating cyber crimes in North America. Based out of Washington, D.C., the team is supervised by Deputy Director Avery Ryan, an esteemed Ph.D. and behavioural psychologist turned "cyber shrink". Ryan established the FBI Cyber Crime Division and heads a "hack-for-good" program, a scheme in which the criminals she catches can work for her in lieu of receiving a prison sentence. Ryan works with D.B. Russell, a left-coast Sherlock Holmes and career Crime Scene And Investigator who joins the team after a stint as Director of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Together, Ryan and Russell head a team including Elijah Mundo, Daniel Krumitz (aka Krummy), Raven Ramirez, and Brody Nelson, who work to resolve Internet-related murders, cyber theft, hacking, sexual offenses, blackmail, and any other crime deemed to be cyber-related within the FBI's jurisdiction.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

The show, while profitable, was deemed to not be enough to save the franchise. Potential for a third season was passed over, putting an end to the franchise for good.