Ellen is an American sitcom created by Neal Marlene, Carol Black and David S. Rosenthal for ABC. During its first season it was originally known as These Friends of Mine, which was changed to avoid confusion with the NBC series Friends.

Premise Edit

The series centers on Ellen's dealings with her quirky friends, her family, and the problems of daily life, set in Los Angeles.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

The show ended up facing massive controversy following the airing of "The Puppy Episode", in which Ellen came out as a lesbian. Following this, ABC began airing future episodes with a parental advisory at the beginning. After the incident died down, the show's ratings declined and ABC began to feel the backlash regarding the "gay content" being exhibited, with the final episodes being criticized for focusing too much on gay issues and the change of comedy to a more serious tone. ABC then pulled the show from the air after five seasons.