Gargoyles is an American animated series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and Buena Vista Television. It was created as part of the Disney Afternoon line of shows.

Premise Edit

The series features a species of nocturnal creatures known as gargoyles that turn to stone during the day, focusing on a clan led by one member, Goliath. In the year 994, the clan lives in a castle in Scotland. Most are betrayed and killed by humans and the remainder are magically cursed to sleep-i.e., by frozen stone form-until the castle "rises above the clouds." A millennium later, in 1994, billionaire David Xanatos purchases the gargoyles' castle and has it reconstructed atop his New York City skyscrapper, the Eyrie Building, thus awakening Goliath and the remainder of his clan. While trying to adjust to their new world, they are aided by a sympathetic female police officer, Elisa Maza, and quickly come into conflict with the plotting Xanatos. In addition, the series also incorporates various supernatural threats to the gargoyles' safety and to the world at large.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

The show's original syndication ended in 1996 and was immediately snatched up by ABC for a third season, renaming the series Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles. The revamped series, which consisted of an entirely different staff of writers and animators from the two previous seasons, ran as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning format. While the first two seasons proved successful, the series did not live up to its potential as a commercial rival to Batman: The Animated Series. This, coupled with low ratings for the third season, which proved controversial in itself, led Disney to cancel the series.


Some episodes can be found online and the show was released on DVD in the 2000s. The series' storyline continued from 2006 to 2009 in a series of comic book series of the same title produced by Slave Labor Comics; however, the comics continued the plot of the first two seasons and, with the exception of the opening episode, mostly ignored the events of The Goliath Chronicles.

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