Hank (originally titled Awesome Hank and PRYORS) is an American sitcom created by Tucker Cawley for ABC.

Premise Edit

Hank Pryor is a high-powered business executive. He lives with his wife, Tilly, their daughter, Maddie, and their son, Henry. The big life is great for them until Hank is suddenly released from his CEO job and has his family relocate from New York City to the small southern town of River Bend, Virginia. Life is not all too grand now with having to live the same zip code as Tilly's family, but for Hank, it's starting small to become big.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

The show suffered from bad reviews for being unfunny, which led to low ratings. A total of ten episodes were produced, leaving five episodes unaired and leaving special programs and reruns of comedy shows in its place. The unaired episodes have since aired in the UK on BT Vision and in Croatia on Doma TV.