Life on a Stick (originally titled Related by Family) is an American sitcom created by Victor Fresco that aired on Fox.

Premise Edit

The show centers on several teenagers who work and hang out at the mall food court. The main characters are Laz, his 16-year-old angst-ridden and angry stepsister Molly, best friend Fred, and Laz's new girlfriend Lily. Laz's dad Rick and Molly's mom Michelle also play a large role in the show. They love all their children, but their clear favorite is the only product of their union: the sweet, perfect, wise 8-year-old Gus.

Laz and Fred, both 18, have been best friends forever. Just out of high school and unsure what they want to do with their lives, they take jobs at a mall food court, at the lame "Yippiee Hot Dogs" run by the always-yelling Mr. Hut. Laz meets the girl of his dreams there, the lovely, strong-willed Lily. Optimistic but not ambitious, Laz cuts a deal with his well-meaning but superficial dad Rick and equally superficial stepmom Michelle which allows Laz to continue living rent-free at home. All he must do is keep an eye on his stepsister, the angry, angst-ridden 16-year-old Molly. Michelle and Rick hope that Laz will socialize Molly and get her on the right track with the boy she likes: the sweet but awkward Jasper.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

The show was doomed with low ratings, which resulted in only five episodes to be aired, although the premiere had American Idol for a lead-in. Thirteen episodes were produced.