Motorcity is an American animated television series created and directed by Chris Prynoski. It is produced by Titmouse, Inc. and Disney Television Animation.

Premise Edit

The show occurs in a fictitious futuristic Detroit, Michigan, which is an elevated metropolis built over the old Detroit, classified as Detroit Deluxe. It is owned by evil billionaire Abraham Kane, who rules the citizens under strict laws and banning personal freedoms including automobile transportation. However, Kane faces one last obstacle; a group of hot-rod wielding rebels who call themselves the Burners, led by Mike Chilton. The Burners rise to stop Kane from conquering Detroit's last oasis of freedom-an underground refuge dubbed Motorcity.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

Disney handled the show rather poorly; they frequently moved it around the timeslot, and it went on a hiatus just as the fanbase started to grow. There was also leaking certain episodes during the said hiatus and very little advertising.

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