Teen Angel is an American fantasy sitcom created by Al Jean and Mike Reiss as pat of ABC's TGIF Friday night lineup.

Premise Edit

The show follows a high-school boy, Steve Beauchamp, and his recently deceased best friend, Marty DePolo, who dies from eating a six-month-old hamburger from under Steve's bed on a dare and is then sent back to Earth as Steve's guardian angel. Marty's guide is a large disembodied head named Rod, who identifies as God's cousin (a running gag throughout the series is that Rod is mistaken for God himself).

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

The show was made and placed in ABC's TGIF lineup in an attempt to capitalize on the success of another ABC supernatural series, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, placing both, along with You Wish, as one of three supernatural-themed sitcoms on the block at the time. At the time of the show's airing, the TGIF had started to decline as a result of direct competition against the CBS Block Party during that season and the new Disney ownership. Teen Angel was cancelled after 17 episodes.