The Tomorrow People is an American science fiction television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer, and Julie Plec which aired on The CW. It was a remake of the British television series of the same name created by Roger Price, which ran from 1973-79.

Premise Edit

The Tomorrow People are humans who, as a result of evolutionary development, have become early instances of the next state of human evolution - Homo superior. However, while they are early examples of their particular human subspecies, they are not the first generation to have developed such abilities - currently, the oldest Homo superior appear to have started to emerge thirty or forty years ago and exist across the world. As a consequence of their "breaking out" of the limitations of their pre-telepath developmental phase in young adulthood, they develop psionic abilities (the three "T's" - Telepathy, Teleportation, and Telekinesis. A fourth T ability featured in the series is Temporal Manipulation). The series focuses on Stephen Jameson, a newly-emergent member of the Tomorrow People, as was his father who, as the most powerful of the Tomorrow People, disappeared years before the current events in the series, trying to find a place where they could live safely. The Tomorrow People are hunted by Ultra, an anti-telepath genetic cleansing organization that uses Tomorrow People to hunt down others and neutralize, or kill them; their headquarters are designed to neutralize the powers of Tomorrow People, although Stephen seems to resistant to its effects. Outside Ultra, their parents, and their loves ones, the existence of the Tomorrow People is unknown to the general public, as they fear greater persecution. Consequently, they spend much of their time in the Lair, a subterranean base of operations beneath the streets of Manhattan.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit