Titus is an American dark comedy sitcom created by its star Christopher Titus, Jack Kenny, and Brian Hargrove. It is based on Christopher's stand-up comedy act, more specifically his one-man show Norman Rockwell is Bleeding (which itself would be broadcast on television in 2004), which is loosely based on his real-life family.

Premise Edit

Titus plays an outwardly childish adult (based on himself), who owns a custom car shop. The show follows him and his dimwitted half-brother Dave, his girlfriend Erin with the "heart of gold", and his arrogantly lewd, bigoted, heavy smoking and drinking, womanizing, divorced multiple times, father Ken " Papa" Titus.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

Titus revealed on a Sirius Radio interview that the cause for cancellation was because of an argument with executives, who wanted Titus and Erin to split up because the show Dharma & Greg had done a similar thing and got a boost in ratings. Titus refused because, not only was he still married to his then-real wife Erin Carden, but the entire focus of the show as "two screwed up people living a normal life" would only be compromised (ironically, Titus and Erin would divorce in 2006, following a rocky marriage in which Erin allegedly cheated on Titus, stole his money, threatened to kill him, and constantly goaded him to commit suicide). Upon Titus' refusal, on-air promotion ceased. He claimed in another interview that the cause for cancellation was for its content being "too edgy".