Voltron Force is a science-fiction action-adventure television series developed by Todd Garfield for Nicktoons. It is a pseudo-sequel to the 1980s animated series Voltron. Unlike the original series, however, the uniforms of the lions' pilots are of the same color scheme as their respective lions and this is the second Voltron series to do so after Voltron: The Third Dimension.

Premise Edit

The show centers on the reunion of the original Voltron Force and the group of cadets training to follow in their footsteps. In battle, they pilot their five robot lions and, when necessary, combine them to form the mighty robot Voltron. Among the enemies they face are their old nemesis, Lotor, and a corrupt military officer intent on destroying Voltron.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

There were complications with budget funding for the second season, and as a result it was never made.